MICREAgents, BINC and Societal Changes: press, TV, meetings, articles. 

S. Rasmussen has placed MICREAgents centrally in the debate on requisite societal changes to accommodate and take advantage of advances in BINC and Living Technology and the internet of things to which MICREAgents contributes.

See the dissemination list for many more articles, talks and contributions.

DR 2 TV (National Danish Television) interview on 'What Politics ought to focus on' and participant in debates at Folkemødet 12.-14.-6-2015

 An emergent technological and societal transformation, Lorentz Center workshop 3.-9.-10-2015 Leiden, The Netherlands. Organisers and Presenters Rasmussen, S.R.  and N.H. Packard. Presenter J. S. McCaskill.

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