von Kiedrowski Lab: RUB BioOrg (1b)

The von Kiedrowski group has been involved for many years in the design and kinetic analysis of chemical self-replicating systems. A second major line of research is devoted to the programmable self-assembly of three-dimensionally defined nano objects from trisoligos, viz. synthetic three-armed junctions as molecular building blocks. The group has also been involved in the development of thermostable and monoconjugable gold clusters based on multidentate thioether ligands.

The overarching theme in the von Kiedrowski group is systems chemistry, viz. the quest for a deeper understanding of self-replication phenomena and their integration into dynamic supersystems. Systems chemistry is seen as the vehicle to arrive at programmable and replicatable nanotechnology (nanobots) as well at a better understanding of the origin of life.

Also involved in the project at various stages were Dr. Matthias Pankau, Dr. Volker Patzke and Beret Sorge.

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