McCaskill Lab: Ruhr Univ. Bochum BioMIP (1a)

McCaskill's group has extensive experience in innovative EU project leadership in Future Emerging Technologies and will coordinate this project. The research group's role will concentrate on the integration of microfluidic and electronic processing with DNA activation.

The overall aim of the BioMIP group is to develop novel forms of constructive information processing systems based on the core principles of living systems. We see future chemistry as becoming microscopically programmable and future IT as, like biology, dealing increasingly with real world ongoing fabrication and repair of functional systems.

Electronic micro-and nanosystems provide controlled and programmable environments for studying and optimizing such systems, and so our research is also forging a link between the three rapidly expanding technologies: Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology (BT) and Nanotechnology (NT).

BioMIP is a guest group in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty of the Ruhr University Bochum. Key senior scientists and engineers involved were Uwe Tangen, Patrick Wagler, Thomas Maeke as well as the PhD student Abhishek Sharma.

The main previous and ongoing projects directly relevant to this initiative are


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