ECLT : Univ. Ca' Foscari Venice (7)

The ECLT will host meetings and foster collaboration with visiting scientists during the project. In addition Norman Packard will contribute to the vision of the project as unconventional computing and the application of evolutionary protocol design for critical project objectives.

The European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT) is an international Research Centre (located in Venice) dedicated to the study and creation of a new generation of technologies which embody the essential properties of life, such as self-organization, adaptability, capacity to evolve and react to environmental stimula, etc. The research, focused mainly in the bio-nano-technology and synthetic biology sectors, is developed in collaboration with scientists belonging to the 15 European Universities and international Research Centres which are members of ECLT. 

Norman Packard has worked in the areas of chaos, learning algorithms, predictive modeling of complex time series, statistical analysis of evolution, artificial life, and complex adaptive systems.

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