Ethical considerations concerning artificial cells

The PACE project is developing a new kind of technology that can be used in the future to create artificial cells ( Artificial cells reproduce themselves, and this entails that they autonomously maintain a complex, changing, robust group of behaviors. Artificial cells promise to bring many social and economic benefits, but unlocking these benefits requires that humans be able to program and reprogram them. The technology for programmable artificial cells involves the development of a new approach to information technology. In addition, creating artificial cells raises new ethical questions. These questions have been aired and explored in a series of workshops. Furthermore a document has been delivered (Ethical guidelines concerning artificial cells) which purpose is to take stock of those ethical questions and make preliminary recommendations about how to conduct our future with artificial cells in a way that is socially responsible and ethically admirable.

PACE-deliverable: Ethical guidelines concerning artificial cells

You can find further information in two books disseminated by the PACE project and a section of interesting links.