Workshops and Conferences

p9215223_cropThe ECLT hosted 6 workshops in the ECCell project, with other meetings occurring at important experimental sites or in conjunction with international conferences. The European Center for Living Technology is the appropriate venue for the majority of meetings of ECCell which deals with a form of ICT living technology, and it has a proven track record of effective support for collaboration and dissemination in the IST-FET project PACE and other projects. With additional funding from a sister project MATCHIT and the coordination action COBRA, further workshops were co-organised. Each workshop was scheduled with 2-3 days of mixed presentations and discussions. In addition to this, participants were encouraged to spend a longer time at the centre to collaborate on the WPs in the project.  A special workshop devoted to ICT applications of the ECCell technology, extending it to the domain of autonomous hybrid microchip systems,  took place during the last year of the project. At this occasion, external experts were invited and this event had the role of communicating project results to the scientific community at the same time as ideas on applications were discussed. Most workshops were open, and scientists from member institutions of ECLT as well as other visitors could in this way interact with the ECCell project. The project held several workshops in conjunction with large international meetings such as ALife, ECAL and FET11.

Group Final Review

ECCell Final Review Meeting: 16th March 2012, RUB.


Oct. 2008 Inaugural Workshop on Electronic Chemical Cells    -  at ECLT

July 2009 Progress in Electronic Chemical Cell Components    - at ECLT

Nov 2009 Annual review meeting workshop - at ECLT

Apr 2010 Progress in ECCell Integration - telecom workshop (Eyjafjallajökull)

Aug 2010 Special session Bio-Chem-IT at the Conf. on Artificial Life XII - Odense, DK

Sept 2010 Joint workshop with MATCHIT - Weizmann Institute, Israel

Nov 2010 Annual review meeting workshop - at ECLT

May 2011 FET11 Conference special session on Chem-Bio ICT - Budapest

Aug 2011 ECAL, Special session on Chem-Bio ICT with COBRA - Paris

Sep 2011 Annual workshop on Electronic Chemical Cells - at ECLT

Nov 2011 Autonomous electronic-chemical hybrid systems (ICT applications of ECCell and related technology) - at ECLT

Mar 2012 Final Review Meeting - at RUB in Bochum, Germany.