Living Technology Working Group, ISSP

Mark Bedau, Director  (University of Southern Denmark

Rachel Armstrong, Research Associate, Bartlett School of Architecture, England

Johan Bollen, Associate Professor of Informatics, Indiana University, USA

Rinie van Est, Technology Assessment Coordinator, Rathenau Institute, The Netherlands

Henrik Callesen, Research Professor of Genetics and Biotechnology, Aarhus University, Denmark

Harold Fellerman, Research Assistant, Center for Fundamental Living Technology, University of Southern Denmark

Martin Hanczyc, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Center for Living Technology, University of Southern Denmark

Maya Horst, Associate Professor of Management, Politics, and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Moustapha Kassem, Professor at University Hospital, University of Southern Denmark

John McCaskill, Leader of Biomolecular Information Processing Team, Professor of Theoretical Biochemistry, University of Bochum, Germany

Norman Packard, CEO, ProtoLife Inc., USA and ECLT Italy

Marco Palombi, social media entrepreneur, founder of Splinder and Tipic, Inc., Italy

Steen Rasmussen, Center Leader, Fundamental Living Technology; Professor of Physics, University of Southern Denmark

Markus Schmidt, Organization for International Dialogue and Conflict Management, Austria

Kasper Støy, Associate Professor of Computer Science Engineering, University of Southern Denmark

Giuseppe Testa, Director, Laboratory of Stem Cell Epigenetics, European Institute of Oncology and European School of Molecular Medicine, Italy

Bold names are also involved in ECCell Project.